My name is Greg Winn I am a web developer, specializing in web application development. Take a look at some of my projects, then drop me a line.

Cignal {Current Project} cignal.it

Cignal is the first serious social sentiment application aimed at leveling the playing fields of individual and professional investors.

Cignal interprets Twitter sentiment about individual stocks & indexes then translates it into actionable trade alerts from which any level of investor can profit.

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My Gems

Most of my projects can be followed on Github (@gregwinn)


This is a wrapper for the Lnkdto API. This gem gives to access to both single url and batch url requests.

Gem Version Build Status


This Ruby gem named Ystock will pull stock information such as price, volume, and change from Yahoo! & Google Finance.

Gem Version Build Status

Using yStock

Posted on 21 April 2013

What is yStock?

This gem is simple to use and will allow you to pull quotes from Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance (YF) is a leading provider of investing news and quotes to both individual and institutional investors. yStock will also allow you to pull quotes from Google Finance. While the GF feature is in beta it can provide some additional data that the YF quote will not provide.

How do I use yStock?

Using yStock is really easy! Below are some instructions on how to get a quote from both Yahoo and Google.

Gem file

    gem 'ystock', '0.3.8'

Yahoo Quote for ‘Ford Motor Company [F]’


    # => Now with two stocks
    # => Ford and Apple
    Ystock.find(['aapl', 'f'])

Google Quote for ‘Ford Motor Company [F]’


    # => Now with two stocks
    # => Ford and Apple
    Ystock::Google.find(['aapl', 'f'])

yStock on Github

That’s right! yStock is on Github and is available for all to use! If you have questions, comments or issues please let me know (on Github) open a ticket. yStock gem on Github.