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Most of my projects can be followed on Github (@gregwinn)


This is a wrapper for the Lnkdto API. This gem gives to access to both single url and batch url requests.

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This Ruby gem named Ystock will pull stock information such as price, volume, and change from Yahoo! & Google Finance.

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Rebuilding a TI-99/4A

Posted on 20 May 2015

We can rebuild him…we have the technology

I am starting a new project, I am rebuilding (not to original specs) a TI-99/4A from Texas Instruments. This modified computer will be for my soon to be two year old daughter. While she may not be able to fully use this computer for a few years I will be teaching her BASIC along with how to play simple computer games from even before my time. I feel as though this will provide her will a solid understanding of computers and foundation of how they work at their simplest form.


I will be using several low power AVR 8-bit microcontrollers from Atmel to accomplish the job. The project will require me to completely design and build a keyboard interpreter, along with custom PCB designs replacing the old non working boards. At this point I am still undecided if I will be building the new computer to output RCA or VGA, I do prefer VGA, allowing for use of a standard everyday monitor. I’ll be adding an SD card as a “solid state” hard drive to store most of the BASIC games, also allowing for saving of new BASIC programs written by my daughter. I will be bumping up the EEPROM from the original 32k to 512k, allowing for larger programs to be ran and built. In addition to all the updates I will also be adding digital pinout ports allowing for an Arduino like use. A modified version on TinyBASIC will be running giving access to the pin’s.

I will be writing and taking photos through each step of the project in hopes that if someone else out there is doing the same I can save them some time!


Coming up next

My first step will be removing all of the non working boards and cleaning the case up. After, I will be working on getting the keyboard working by connecting it to an empty arduino using it as a serial monitor. This will allow me to design and build an interpreter for the TI-99 keyboard.